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  • Counteracting rising operating costs and quality requirements through digital solutions
  • Identify and exploit optimization potentials through data evaluation
  • HUBER Cloud Solutions HCS as a basis for future additional services

The challenges in wastewater treatment are constantly growing and the adequate treatment of wastewater and sludge at wastewater treatment plants is becoming increasingly difficult. The reasons for this are the increasing demands on the treated wastewater and sludge combined with dwindling personnel resources and rising costs for energy and operating materials. As a result, the treatment of wastewater and sludge must be optimized in an efficient manner.

HUBER masters growing challenges in wastewater treatment with digital solutions

Potentials of Digitalization

Challenges: Counteracting rising operating costs and quality requirements with the potentials of digitalization

In order to successfully meet these challenges and support wastewater treatment plants in their operation, HUBER is developing new solutions and services. In doing so, the company is increasingly focusing on the benefits of digitalization and digital transformation and is further developing its products and solutions by consistently incorporating digital potential into the product development process.

Objectives: Status description and optimization potential through data analysis

The "raw material" of digital transformation is primarily data. This data is generated at any time by sensors and actuators in a machine or process. The collection and subsequent evaluation of this data requires specific knowledge of the machine and process technology as well as knowledge of mathematics and statistics. The evaluation makes it possible to describe the condition of a machine or process and to identify optimization potentials. These may include recommendations for lower-wear operation, advice on reducing electricity and water consumption, and suggestions for reducing operating materials such as precipitants and flocculants.

Implementation: Development of the HUBER Cloud Solutions HCS

To implement these goals, HUBER has started the development of the HUBER Cloud Solutions HCS, in which the digital service offers will be bundled in the future. The basis of this service is the recording of data at the local switchgear and control system of the machine or process and the transmission of the data in encrypted form via the internet to the HUBER Cloud for further processing.

On the one hand, this includes the real-time calculation of key figures, which can be used to interpret the status of the machine or process. In the event of both atypical, abrupt changes and creeping, gradual deterioration in the key figures, the operator can be given immediate recommendations for action to maintain and improve the process.

On the other hand, the data is used for further analysis to create additional key figures and gain new insights. In this way, customers continuously benefit from HUBER’s constantly growing knowledge and reduce both their time for troubleshooting and process optimization and their effort for machine maintenance. All recorded data as well as the calculated key figures are visualized in the HUBER Portal and are thus also available online to the operator at any time.


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