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HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts

Be on the safe side with a HUBER Service partnership

HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts
HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts

HUBER Service Systems

Service and maintenance contracts for your requirements

A HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract will guarantee you maximum operating reliability for you and your plants at constantly high system performance and at the same time low and calculable operating costs!

The contract provides regular, load and status dependent maintenance and detailed inspection by a HUBER service engineer. The detailed result of each inspection and maintenance is subsequently exactly documented in a machine-specific HUBER checklist.

It goes without saying that with every HUBER service contract we also guarantee the operational safety and availability of your equipment until the next service date.

You get the “HUBER-Machine-Protection” service package as function & operation guarantee to cover this!

HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts
HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts
HUBER Service-Systems
HUBER Service-Systems

Four different service levels

Comprehensive solutions for mainenance and service contracts

The basis of all HUBER service contracts is the reliable and professional performance of regular maintenance by our trained HUBER service technicians. The necessary work is carried out and recorded on the basis of detailed manufacturer maintenance checklists.

The HUBER service contract type HS1 already gives you a guarantee for functional and operational safety with the "HUBER Machine Protection Letter".

The service contract type HS2 includes the additional service modules "24/7 Hotline Service" and "48-hour Emergency Service".

The service package for the service contract type HS3 also includes the service "machine/plant optimisation package".

The fourth and highest level of HUBER service contracts is the "Full Service" contract.
Here, among other things, costs for spare parts and capping parts are included, so that an "all-round carefree" package is available for maximum cost control.

HUBER Service-Systems
HUBER Service-Systems
HUBER Full Service
HUBER Full Service

Full Service

Maximum service with full cost control

HUBER Full Service offers you a comprehensive service package

Our experienced HUBER service technicians carry out annual preventive maintenance professionally and competently according to detailed manufacturer maintenance checklists.
Downtimes are reduced to a minimum thanks to our 24/7 hotline service and a emergency service with a response time of 48 hours.

Protection against unplanned costs

The costs for spare and wear parts, including shipping and transport costs, are also included in the contract. In addition, repairs and the replacement of spare and wear parts are covered.
Other included services also include all travel and incidental expenses of our HUBER service technicians as well as their weekend availability.

HUBER Full Service
HUBER Full Service

Customer testimonial

What our customers say

“We are very satisfied with the quality of maintenance we have got form the HUBER service engineers over many years already and impressed by their expert knowledge”
Wastewater foreman Frank Müller, Verbandsgemeinde-Werke Bitburger Land

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