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Paper and Wood Industry

Water purification and residue treatment for paper and pulp production and wood processing

  • Saving disposal costs
  • Minimising residues
  • Treating process water
  • Screening out fines and fibres
  • Cooling wastewater
  • Recovering heat
  • Treating process and river water

The paper, pulp and wood industries traditionally use large quantities of water, which in turn generates large quantities of wastewater. These must be treated accordingly for discharge. In order to further reduce fresh water requirements and costs, water recycling is also being pursued. In addition, the minimisation of residual materials such as process sludge also plays a major role. Ideally, residual materials can be recycled directly on site, e.g. after drying.

As one of the world's leading suppliers, we offer proven machines and systems to also solve your challenges in wastewater purification, water treatment or the volume minimisation of residual materials up to their recycling - at low costs and short payback times.

HUBER Screw Press S-PRESS and HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation HDF for pretreatment of wastewater from MDF board production.
HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® used for river water extraction in a paper mill.
HUBER Perforated Belt Screen EscaMax® for wastewater screening in a paper mill.
HUBER Screw Presses Q-PRESS® for reliable and energy-efficient sludge dewatering in a paper mill.
The HUBER Belt Dryer BT dries the sludge dewatered by the HUBER Screw Presses Q-PRESS® at a paper mill.
HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation HDF for the wastewater treatment of a paper mill.
HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® removes finest solids from the screened wastewater of a paper mill.
HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax® for the river water intake of a paper mill.

HUBER products and solutions for your requirements


For cooling or process water, river water or surface water is often used, which first has to be pretreated. For such requirements we use our HUBER screens and screening plants for water intake applications.

Grit and gravel can be reliably separated using HUBER Grit Traps or HUBER Complete Plants.

Our HUBER Drum Screens are ideally suited for fine screening up to 0.2 mm and offer superior separation performance as well as high hydraulic throughput.

Residual materials (e.g. separated process sludges or excess sludge from biological wastewater treatment) are treated with HUBER thickening or dewatering machines, thus saving transport and disposal costs.

With HUBER Belt Dryer BT, dewatered biosolids can be dried to a dry residue of more than 90% DR and thus be reused as fuel. Existing heat sources are used for this purpose.

For the removal of fines or paper fibres, as well as for the reduction of particulate and colloidal COD (or as pre-treatment or secondary clarification), HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plants are used. This allows the process water to be further treated or the resulting clear effluent to be discharged into the sewer.

The specially developed self-cleaning HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin cools wastewater and effluent before it enters biological treatment or is discharged. Recovered heat can be reused.

We are your competent partner, from the treatment of raw water to process water and water recycling to the disposal and recycling of screenings, process sludge and biosolids.

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