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Meat Processing Industry and Slaughterhouses

Complete solutions for the specific wastewater problems of the meat processing industry

  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Separate solids and contaminants
  • Dewater surplus and flotate sludge
  • Separate biomass
  • Comply with limit values
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Utilise wastewater heat

We offer proven and individual complete solutions for the specific wastewater problems of the meat processing industry: for slaughterhouses and meat processing of cattle, pigs and poultry, as well as for slaughterhouse waste recycling plants.

High solid loads and COD values as well as grease are typical for wastewater from the meat processing industry. We have safe and proven solutions to significantly reduce the loads on site and to minimise odour nuisance.
So even low limit values can be safely complied with and the treated wastewater can usually be discharged into the sewage system or even directly into water body.

HUBER Screw Screen ROTAMAT® Ro9 reliably removes solids from wastewater.
HUBER Screw Press units for sludge treatment ‒ best dewatering performance and highest volume reduction for lower disposal costs
HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® Ro2 with high-pressure cleaning ‒ best cleaning results and adapted machine technology.
HUBER Screen ROTAMAT® in a tank for mechanical pretreatment of wastewater.
HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation for physical-chemical pre-treatment with optimum reduction of COD, fats and solids, more than 500 installations worldwide.
HUBER plant technology in container design – flotation or sludge dewatering units without construction work – ready for immediate use.
HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plants with chemical pre-treatment – full, partial or secondary treatment of industrial wastewater
Preliminary tests in the laboratory or on site to determine operating parameters and effluent values ‒ safety for customers and operators.
HUBER screening systems for best possible and project-specifically adapted mechanical pre-treatment ‒ efficient, durable and well proven.
HUBER products and solutions for meat processing industries
HUBER products and solutions for meat processing industries

HUBER products and solutions for your requirements

HUBER products and solutions for meat processing industries
HUBER products and solutions for meat processing industries

Wastewater from cattle truck washing contains high concentrations of solids loads and grit. We use our reliable HUBER Micro Strainer ROTAMAT® Ro9 to remove such coarse material.

Rumen contents from slaughtering can be dewatered with our coarse solids compactor and thus reduced to less than half of the original volume.

Production wastewater in slaughterhouses typically shows high contents of blood, grease and meat residues. These are separated by our robust HUBER screening systems ROTAMAT® or HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®, which have proven their efficiency in thousands of applications.

HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plants HDF are available to completely remove grease and solids and reduce COD. To achieve the lowest possible operating costs for the flotation process, it is recommended to integrate the HUBER Chemicals Dosing DIGIT-DOSE. The clear effluent from the flotation plant can be discharged to the sewer or passed on to additional biological treatment.

The resulting residuals are thickened with HUBER Sludge Thickeners, thus saving transport and disposal costs.

An even further volume reduction is achieved with HUBER Screw Presses.

With the HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin, high wastewater temperatures can be reduced and heat recovered for process or heating purposes.

The numerous projects we have successfully executed in the meat processing industry and related branches, combined with our many years of experience in wastewater treatment, guarantee the reliable and efficient operation of your wastewater and residue treatment system!

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