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Enabling water cycles, removing disturbing solids, compacting residual materials

  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Increase economic efficiency
  • Separate disturbing solids and coarse material
  • Remove grit and mineral material
  • Separate organic matter
  • Dewater residues
  • Save process water

The recycling of plastics from households, industry and agriculture is becoming increasingly important for ecological and economic reasons. A large number of new plants for the wet-mechanical processing of plastics are being built all over the world. The resulting wastewater must be treated and reused in the best possible way. The quantities of wastewater and residual materials to be disposed of should be reduced to a minimum.

HUBER offers efficient and proven solutions for the treatment of such types of wastewater and sludge and also has the long-standing know-how in design and dimensioning of the machines and plants.

The HUBER Compact Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 separates solids from wastewater by screening and subsequently removes mineral solids by sedimentation.
With the specially developed HUBER wastewater heat exchanger RoWin allows energy recovery from the highly loaded hot wash water streams of the plastics recycling process. The recovered energy is available for reuse free of charge.
The HUBER Drum Screen RoMesh® with a mesh size of up to 80 μm reliably separates all sediment and suspended matter particles.
The HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation HDF is the solution for advanced process wastewater treatment to reuse the recovered clear water for the plastics recycling process.
The HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation HDF S reliably separates solids from highly contaminated wastewater and sludge.
The HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® dewaters the process sludge fully automatically and continuously, reducing disposal costs to a minimum.
Advanced wastewater treatment: Separation of filterable substances in the HUBER CONTIFLOW® sand filter and subsequent elimination of trace substances in the HUBER CONTIFLOW® GAK activated carbon filter.
HUBER products and solutions for the plastics  recycling industry
HUBER products and solutions for the plastics recycling industry

HUBER products and solutions for your requirements

HUBER products and solutions for the plastics  recycling industry
HUBER products and solutions for the plastics recycling industry

Depending on flow rate, pollution load and required separation, HUBER ROTAMAT® screens or HUBER Drum Screen RoMesh® units are used for pre-screening the wastewater.

The pre-screened wastewater is fed into a HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF. This chemical-physical treatment produces water that is almost free of mineral and organic solids. The treated water can be reused in the treatment process.

Before disposal, the sludge is mechanically dewatered by HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® units to achieve maximum volume reduction.

The numerous projects we have successfully completed in the plastics recycling industry, combined with our many years of experience in wastewater and sludge treatment, guarantee the reliable and efficient operation of your plant technology.

On the basis of our standard components, we are able to create the appropriate concept for every application and supply you with optimal and reliable technology.

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