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Drinking Water Suppliers

Safety for people and water with HUBER products and solutions

Water is our most important food and every human being worldwide should always have access to water in sufficient quantity and quality.

The task of water suppliers is the extraction, treatment, storage and distribution of water to the consumers. 

HUBER has been supporting the water utilities in their task for decades with an extensive product range and numerous solutions.

HUBER rectangular pressure-tight doors TT7 in a drinking water storage tank
HUBER offers extensive equipment for drinking water tanks.
HUBER Single Security Door TT2.1/RC3
A wide range of certified security doors of resistance classes RC3 and RC4 is available.
HUBER manhole cover SD1.P with entrance aid EH KV, folded out
Manhole covers in various designs meet all requirements for the protection of people and drinking water.
Ventilation of two separate water chambers by means of HUBER Air Filter Unit L251
HUBER has the right solutions for hygienic ventilation of drinking water storage tanks.
HUBER Sandfilter CONTIFLOW® 72
HUBER Sand Filter CONTIFLOW® for the treatment of drinking water.
Microscreening in drinking water treatment with the HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®.
Products and solutions for the treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water
Products and solutions for the treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water

HUBER products and solutions for the safety of people and water

Products and solutions for the treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water
Products and solutions for the treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water

Drinking Water Treatment: Selected process technology for the production of drinking water from groundwater, surface water and seawater. As a specialist for solid-liquid separation, HUBER is a competent partner for many tasks in drinking water production and treatment.

Safe Access Solutions: The entire drinking water infrastructure must be protected against unauthorized access. A large number of shafts, tanks and buildings must be equipped with appropriate access points. HUBER has solutions that both protect the water in the best possible way and take into account occupational health and safety concerns. HUBER has the right solutions for all challenges regarding:

Drinnking Water Reservoir Equipment

Water Distribution

Protection against Flooding

Case Studies

HUBER Solutions in Operation

The growing importance of flood-proof doors from HUBER in the face of increasing flood risk

Up to 50 million litres of drinking water per day: microfiltration at Constance waterworks modernised with three HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®

Refurbishment of the central pressure booster station at Gerauer Land waterworks

Old installations – a ticking bomb?

Refurbish pumping station shafts: Uncomplicated replacement of old equipment

Good reasons to use air filters in water reservoirs

First HUBER TT7-30 pressure doors installed at Echthausen waterworks

Minimised condensation in water chambers through forced ventilation

HUBER RC3 safety doors meet any requirements

Eight RC3 safety doors supplied to Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung in Austria

RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen for a drinking water application

Bayonne in France brings their old well shafts for potable water supply to a state-of-the-art level

Stadtwerke Bielefeld continue to invest into HUBER products for the refurbishment of water reservoirs


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