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Refurbishment of the central pressure booster station at Gerauer Land waterworks

burglar-resistant HUBER Security Door TT2
Burglar-resistant HUBER Security Door TT2
burglar-resistant HUBER Security Door TT2
Burglar-resistant HUBER Security Door TT2

The Gerauer Land waterworks supplies around 65,000 inhabitants in the Hessian district of Groß-Gerau with drinking water. The water supply amounts to around 3.3 million m³ per year. The water supply is ensured by extracting groundwater from their own ten deep wells, then treating it to produce drinking water by means of iron removal and demanganisation, and feeding it into the network via a central pressure booster station.

After more than half a century of operation, the valves, pipelines, pumps and technical doors had reached the end of their service life. When renewing the system, the planners' declared aim was to significantly increase energy efficiency in particular, but also to improve building protection.

In the course of the refurbishment, burglar-resistant stainless steel doors made by HUBER SE from Berching were therefore installed, which increase the protection of the rooms through increased burglar resistance. For here too, the company wanted to have state-of-the-art technology.

Drinking water is our most important resource and should therefore be adequately protected against any impairment. For this reason, it must be ensured that it is impossible for unwanted intruders to have a chance to enter a water supply system. The burglar-resistant HUBER Security Door TT2 of resistance classes RC3 and RC4 (formerly WK3/WK4) with test certificate is ideally suited for this application. These stainless steel doors are specially designed as access doors for drinking water supply structures and meet the requirements of DIN EN 1627.

Every HUBER stainless steel door type TT2 can be opened from the inside, even if the door is locked from the outside. For doors used in the water supply sector, this is an important aspect with regard to occupational safety and accident prevention.

The door leaves, which are longitudinally ground, offer an attractive design and are foamed with a CFC-free insulating core. To ensure a long service life, the frame and door leaf are welded under inert gas, pickled in an immersion bath and passivated. Various options, such as sheet metal or wood panelling, allow the HUBER TT2 security door to be optimally adapted to customers’ requirements. We are happy to consider and implement special requests of our customers, e.g. regarding lacquering, logos or door shapes, such as round or pointed arches. Often, the protection of historical monuments also plays an important role and must be taken into account when designing the exterior of the doors.

All doors for the Gerauer Land pressure boosting station are equipped with magnetic and lock-bolt contacts so that the building shell can be monitored completely. Security doors for outdoor installation  are additionally fitted with a sheet metal doubling to ensure that the door can be opened even in direct sunlight. This is often a problem in spring or autumn when the sun heats up the doors.

However, it is not only drinking water supply structures that require special protection against unauthorised access. Remotely located shafts, such as deep wells or spring shafts, are also at high risk to be manipulated by unauthorised persons. It is not necessarily an " attack " that is to be assumed here; often it is vandalism, whereby increased mechanical security can prevent access to the shaft. For this reason, the HUBER product range includes various burglar-resistant manhole covers. These manhole covers are also certified to DIN EN 1627 in resistance class RC3 and are available in different sizes.

With the renewal of the aged central pressure boosting station, the Gerauer Land Waterworks is making an important contribution to energy saving and to an optimal protection of the building envelope.

We at HUBER are proud to make our small contribution to securing the supply in the Gerauer Land region!


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