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Dairy and Milk Processing Industry

Wastewater and residue treatment for the milk processing industry

  • Reducing disposal costs
  • Separating solids and contaminants
  • Separating grease and protein
  • Dewatering sludge
  • Separating biomass
  • Reducing phosphorus
  • Cooling wastewater and recovering heat

We offer well-proven customized solutions for the specific wastewater problems that occur in industrial dairy companies – from raw milk processing to the manufacture of end products, we are your competent partner for the equipment of your wastewater treatment plant.

High solids loads, grease content and COD values are characteristic of dairy wastewater. We have safe and proven solutions to significantly reduce the pollution loads (COD) on site. In this way, even strict limit values are complied with and the treated wastewater can usually be discharged into the public sewer system without incurring heavy pollution charges.

HUBER screening systems for mechanical pre-treatment ‒ efficient, durable and well proven.
HUBER Screw Press units for sludge treatment – best dewatering performance and highest volume reduction for lower disposal costs.
HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation for physical-chemical pretreatment with optimum reduction of COD, fats and solids, more than 500 installations worldwide.
HUBER plant technology in container design – flotation or sludge dewatering units without construction work – ready for immediate use.
HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation systems for sludge separation and effluent treatment – the solution for upgrading overloaded wastewater treatment plants.
Preliminary tests in the laboratory or on site to determine operating parameters and effluent values ‒ safety for customers and operators.
HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin for heat recovery and wastewater cooling ‒ energy optimisation and compliance with temperature limits.
HUBER products and solutions for milk processing industries
HUBER products and solutions for milk processing industries

HUBER products and solutions for your requirements

HUBER products and solutions for milk processing industries
HUBER products and solutions for milk processing industries

Our well-proven HUBER ROTAMAT® screens remove coarse solids from the production process (solids and impurities).

HUBER HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plants are available to remove grease, solids and protein and reduce particulate and colloidal COD. The clear effluent can be discharged to the sewer or passed on to additional biological treatment. With the use of the HUBER Chemicals Dosing DIGIT-DOSE, operating costs and residual material generation can be minimised and limit values can be specifically complied with.

With the newly developed HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF S, existing plants can be upgraded or modernised. In addition, the space required for biological treatment and secondary clarification is greatly reduced.

Residual materials are thickened with special HUBER machines, thus saving transport and disposal costs. The treated sludge can optionally be further processed in biogas plants.

Maximum volume reduction and thus low transport and disposal costs can be achieved if dewatering systems are used, such as the HUBER Screw Presses.

We reduce high wastewater temperatures with the HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin and can thus recover heat for process or heating purposes.

The numerous projects we have successfully executed in the milk-processing industry and related branches, combined with our many years of experience in wastewater treatment, guarantee the reliable and efficient operation of your wastewater and/or residue treatment system!

Our solutions for your challenges:

Case Studies

HUBER Solutions in Operation

HUBER Plant Technology for rent – the smart solution for industry and municipalities

Rent wastewater technology from HUBER instead of buying – the solution for temporary bottlenecks and fast implementation

Case Study Dairy Crest Davidstowe Creamery, Cornwall

HUBER sludge dewatering solution for new wastewater treatment plant in a dairy industry


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