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“Exercise Challenge” at 3rd Health Day: HUBER SE donates 2,500 Euros to food bank Neumarkt

02.08.2022 Berching,
  • Employees cover more than 11,000 kilometres in several sports together
  • Third Health Day at the company headquarters with many impulse lectures, action stands and healthy food and drinks
  • Board member Rainer Köhler: “Staying fit as one big team”
Honouring the “HUBER Exercise Challenge” during the third Health Day
Honouring the “HUBER Exercise Challenge” during the third Health Day
Honouring the “HUBER Exercise Challenge” during the third Health Day
Honouring the “HUBER Exercise Challenge” during the third Health Day

On Thursday, 28 July, HUBER SE held its third Health Day at the company headquarters in Berching-Erasbach. Employees from all departments had the opportunity not only to actively do something good for their health, but also to get important impulses and suggestions for their physical health and mental well-being.

In the course of the Health Day, the participants of the HUBER “Exercise Challenge”, organised for the first time in June and July, were also honoured for covering a distance of around 11,000 kilometres. The proceeds: The company donated 2,500 euros to the “Leb-mit-Laden” food bank in Neumarkt.

In the cafeteria of the HUBER Forum, Chief Sales Officer Rainer Köhler opened the day with a speech that contained several positive messages: after the official welcome, in the course of which he explained the reasons, goals and contents of the third HUBER Health Day, Köhler, together with HR administrator Lisa Neumeier, took over the honouring for the “HUBER Exercise Challenge”.

Köhler also had the pleasant task of handing over a cheque of 2,500 euros to Björn Bracher, Head of Social Services of the welfare & social work agency Diakonie Nürnberger Land/Neumarkt.

Rainer Köhler (Chief Sales Officer HUBER SE): “Staying fit as one big team”

“This year we dared a first attempt to give our many athletes a common goal and thus stay fit as one big team despite Corona”, said Chief Sales Officer Rainer Köhler in his opening speech. “56 employees competed on 13 June 2022 as part of the Exercise Challenge to cover 5,700 kilometres together by the end of July – once up the Danube and back down again. With the help of the special Teamfit app, it was possible to collect points through various types of exercise, which were then converted into kilometres and included in the joint achievement of the goal. We are proud to say that the original target was not only achieved, but even doubled.”

Healthy nutrition, impulse lectures and action stands

One aim of the action day at HUBER was to make employees aware of everyday dangers. Together with company doctor Dr. Judith Auer, the health insurance company AOK and the companies Uvex and Hoffmann, there were presentations on various topics such as “Ergonomics at the workplace”, “First aid in everyday life”, “Take a break – movement meets coordination” and “Skin protection and skin cancer”. Throughout the day, HUBER employees had the opportunity to visit information and activity stands and, for example, undergo a reaction test, prove their coordination, have their safety shoes checked, try on protective equipment and explore the connection between nutrition and concentration. In addition, an “intoxication course”, accompanied by safety expert Sigrid Nerreter, gave employees an understanding of the negative effects of alcohol when performing everyday tasks.

HUBER trainees, together with the catering team from “Die Kochmanufaktur”, provided healthy and balanced catering – with a muesli bar, sandwiches, smoothies and a menu specially prepared for the HUBER Health Day.


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