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Solutions for cost-efficient sludge dewatering

Sewage sludge produced in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants requires dewatering prior to further treatment or utilisation. Rising costs for sludge disposal make it necessary to concentrate the sludge to a high solids content.

Mechanical sludge dewatering is used to reduce the amount of sludge by separating sludge water. A more or less firm sludge cake is produced.

Prior to its dewatering, fed sludge is first flocculated by addition of polymers (sludge conditioning).

HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 620.2 for dewatering of digested sludge
Cost-efficient sludge dewatering
HUBER Bogenpress B-PRESS for drilling sludge dewatering
HUBER Bogenpress B-PRESS for drilling sludge dewatering
HUBER Screw Press S-PRESS for mineral sludge dewatering
HUBER Screw Press S-PRESS for mineral sludge dewatering

Sludge Conditioning

Economic Sludge Dewatering

For the economic operation of a sludge dewatering system, sludge conditioning plays a very important role in addition to selecting the right dewatering unit.

Not only is it important to select the right flocculant and to ensure optimum dosing (concentration, quantity, dosing point), but also to mix the flocculant properly into the sludge to achieve good floc formation, which then leads to an optimum dewatering result.

HUBER offers various machines for sludge dewatering and, based on decades of experience and thousands of installations, can always design the best suitable solution for different throughputs and different sludge qualities.

The overall solution of a modern sludge dewatering system also includes the transport of the dewatered sludge to further sludge treatment or to intermediate storage (container or bunker). Here, too, HUBER has extensive expertise and can provide tailor-made solutions for the transport of sludge.

Case Studies

HUBER Solutions in Operation

HUBER Plant Technology for rent – the smart solution for industry and municipalities

Further increase in performance for sludge dewatering: HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® with increased throughput capacity and new control mode

HUBER supplies machines for faecal sludge treatment on the Faroe Islands

Up to 80 percent savings: HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® minimises electricity costs for sludge dewatering

HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® with world premieres at STP Sargans

HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® in operation at a disposal company

Sludge dewatering in a confectionery at Mondelez, Marlbrook

Sludge dewatering with the HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS®

New TOTEX solution for Sludge Dewatering at Plymouth

Dynamic inline mixer for optimized sludge dewatering

New HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 620.2 for sludge dewatering: operational experience on STP Bad Orb

HUBER sludge dewatering solution for new wastewater treatment plant in a dairy industry

Q-PRESS® – The new HUBER Screw Press

Cost-efficient, low wear: HUBER Screw Press Q-Press® in Finland

Energy recovery from filtrate water on WWTPs


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Frequently Asked Questions

The economic efficiency of sludge dewatering can be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Degree of dewatering
  • Flocculant requirement
  • Energy consumption
  • Flushing water requirement
  • Personnel costs for operation and maintenance
  • Automation possibilities
  • Maintenance costs

The HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® is suitable for unattended operation.

Process-relevant parameters of the Q-PRESS®, such as filtration pressure, screw speed and drive load, are permanently monitored and also automatically adjusted by the control system. This means that the machine is automatically kept in the optimum operating range even without operator intervention. A Q-PRESS® screw press can thus be operated around the clock or automatically according to a timer.

  • Excess sludge
  • Static pre-thickened sludge
  • Digested sludge
  • Flotate sludge
  • Primary sludge
  • Precipitated sludge
  • Drilling sludge


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