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50 years HUBER stainless steel manhole covers

How it all began...

In the 1950s and 1960s, manhole covers in "painted steel" and "galvanised steel" were proven products of the HUBER company and the covers were mainly manufactured for water pipeline construction.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the brothers Hans and Karl-Josef Huber, the company owners at the time, recognised the desire and need of many customers for a low-maintenance manhole cover that did not require maintenance work such as regular painting of the surface. The idea of using stainless steel for this purpose was born and was implemented on a trial basis.

At that time, stainless steel was very expensive and difficult to obtain, and delivery times were extremely long. The first covers were always produced according to the customer's wishes and specifications, using the experience gained over many years in the production of steel covers. Water suppliers from the Nuremberg area and large Bavarian long-distance water associations were the first customers for HUBER stainless steel manhole covers. Most of these covers are still in use today and, after 50 years, impressively demonstrate the long service life of the HUBER manhole cover - a role model in terms of sustainability!

Since then, the use of stainless steel for manhole covers has become more and more widespread and, thanks to HUBER's pioneering work, has established itself in the market. In 1990, HUBER completely stopped the production of steel manhole covers and steel products and dedicated itself 100% to stainless steel.

HUBER stainless steel manhole covers have become the norm

Nowadays, tenders requiring a material other than stainless steel for manhole covers are the great exception, i.e. in the last 50 years the ratio has been exactly reversed.

From these early beginnings, a wide range of different HUBER manhole cover designs have developed over the last five decades, always in close contact and cooperation with our customers. Especially the feedback from our customers we receive in discussions at trade fairs, through telephone calls or during field service visits, was then and still is extremely valuable. The practical application and regular use of the covers by our customers provide important approaches to continuously improve our products and thus maintain the HUBER quality they have come to expect. Feedback from the market, e.g. requesting a back-friendly opening of the heavy covers, prompted us to equip the HUBER Manhole Covers with gas springs, which we have now been doing for more than 30 years as a matter of principle.

The complete range of HUBER Manhole Covers is "Made in Germany" or even more correctly "Made in Berching". Many of our customers have already taken the opportunity to visit our production facility. Thanks to modern and optimised production processes as well as motivated employees, we are able to withstand the price pressure of cheap foreign products.

HUBER Manhole Cover SD1, approx. 1984
HUBER Manhole Cover SD1, approx. 1984
HUBER Manhole Cover SD1, approx. 1992
HUBER Manhole Cover SD1, approx. 1992

The HUBER anniversary cover

HUBER stainless steel covers have now been on the market for 50 years and for us this is a welcome occasion to take a look at all the customer requests from home and abroad that we have collected over the years.

We set ourselves the goal of fulfilling (almost) all customer wishes in an "anniversary cover", and the result is the innovative HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro).

This HUBER cover made of stainless steel chequer plate has an integrated fall protection which can be loaded up to 200 kg, concealed ventilation openings, seal on the underside of the cover and a recessed lock to name the most important features.

50 arguments for the HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro)

Below are the 50 most important customer requests from A-Z:

  1. Lift-off protection through inner lugs
  2. Operating key included
  3. Load-bearing up to 500 kg or 5000 kg
  4. Ventilation possible
  5. Digital locking systems
  6. Stainless steel
  7. Burglar-resistant according to DIN 1627
  8. Easy to handle
  9. Compliance with ISO 9001
  10. Spare parts available for many years
  11. Colour design possible
  12. Odour-tight
  13. Consistently high quality
  14. Replaceable rubber seal
  15. Hygienic
  16. Customisable
  17. Insect-proof
  18. Integrated fall protection
  19. Security of investment
  20. Durable
  21. Material options (V2A, V4A)
  22. The most economical solution in the medium term
  23. Sustainability
  24. Standard-compliant according to DIN 1239
  25. Visually appealing
  26. Pollen filter or odour filter
  27. Inexpensive due to series production
  28. Quality control
  29. Stainless
  30. Back-friendly due to gas pressure spring
  31. Back pressure proof
  32. Fast delivery from stock
  33. Self-retracting arrestor
  34. Safety mortise lock can be retrofitted
  35. Special sizes and designs
  36. Stable
  37. Surface-watertight
  38. Flood-proof
  39. Monitoring by magnetic contact
  40. Different frame variants
  41. Concealed hinges
  42. Different locking systems
  43. Low-wear seal
  44. Brass closure cover
  45. Full bath pickling
  46. Completely made in Germany
  47. Compliant with regulations and rules (DGUV)
  48. Thermal insulation possible
  49. Maintenance-free
  50. Material completely recyclable
HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro), closed, size 800 x 800 mm
HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro), closed, size 800 x 800 mm
HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro), open, with antifall guard
HUBER Manhole Cover SD50 SAP (Safe Access Pro), open, with antifall guard

You can always rely on us:
Our cover is the original HUBER cover - everything else is a copy!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are always open to your enquiries and want to offer you the best possible support for your projects.

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