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20.02.2024 Munich,

Innovative solutions to increase water and energy efficiency

HUBER will be presenting many exciting products and solutions for drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment at IFAT 2024 from 13 to 17 May. On a stand area of over 1,300 m² (hall 2, stand 351) HUBER will be exhibiting numerous technology highlights in the form of machines and plants, complemented by videos and animations. Many of the company's experienced specialists will be on hand for national and international visitors and customers to provide advice and information.

HUBER SE at IFAT 2024: Innovative solutions to increase water and energy efficiency

Fourth treatment stage and phosphorus elimination

The new EU Urban Wastewater Directive makes the discharge criteria for many municipal wastewater treatment plants much more demanding. The focus is particularly on the extensive elimination of dissolved organic micropollutants (fourth treatment stage) and the increased reduction of phosphorus inputs into water bodies.

HUBER offers the right solutions for these requirements with its harmonised product portfolio of cloth filtration, sand filtration and activated carbon adsorption.

The newly developed HUBER Pile Cloth Media Filter RotaFilt® size 2200 mm will be shown for the first time at IFAT 2024. Innovative pile fabrics serve as filter media.

For the adsorptive removal of micropollutants, the HUBER Activated Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK is available. Its efficiency can be further increased by combining it with upstream ozonisation.


One of HUBER’s focal points is the topic of digitalisation. The company uses various examples to show how digital solutions are increasingly finding their way into the water industry.

HUBER will be demonstrating how the HUBER Cloud Solution can be used to analyse machine and process data in real time and what comprehensive services and benefits it can offer plant operators.

Visitors can also gain initial experience with the new HUBER online shop. Various HUBER products such as manhole covers can be configured and ordered here. The ordering of spare parts is also particularly interesting. After registering, operators of HUBER machines can find exactly the right spare parts for their machines here.

Mechanical sludge treatment

In addition to machine technology for sludge screening and sludge thickening, the main focus here is on the dewatering of sewage sludge. The HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® is successfully in use worldwide and will be presented at IFAT in different sizes. The machines are continuously optimised by HUBER and offer best dewatering performance at highest energy efficiency. The simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance and the small footprint are further plus factors of this machine. The advantages of connecting the Screw Press to the HUBER Cloud Solution will also be demonstrated to visitors.

Thermal sludge treatment

In the field of solar sewage sludge drying, HUBER relies on the HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® in the numerous projects it has completed. It is also installed on the world's largest solar sludge drying plant in Bahr El-Baqar (Egypt), which is now in operation. Impressions of the dimensions of this plant can be gained from an impressive video.

The newly developed HUBER Sludge Turner FloorRunner® will be presented for the first time at IFAT. This innovative sludge turner does not need any walls but can run directly on the floor of the solar drying plant. This results in considerable time and cost savings for the construction work.

The HUBER Belt Dryer BT is an alternative to solar sewage sludge drying. Due to its modular design, the belt dryer can be adapted to on-site conditions both in terms of energy and construction. Innovative concepts for heat extraction from the drying process also enable maximum energy recovery. This energy can be fed into a local heating network, for example, or used at the sewage treatment plant to heat the digester. Interesting videos as well as operating data and operating experiences from numerous nationally and internationally executed dryer projects await the visitors.

The HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® presented for the first time at IFAT 2022 completes the HUBER product portfolio with contact drying. The disc dryer can, for example, dry the sewage sludge of a mono-incineration plant to the ideal dry residue content. Thus, the incineration can be operated in a self-sustaining and energy-efficient way. The excess steam from the electricity production is used as heating medium. A reliable condensate removal system, innovative control and optimised feeding make the HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® the perfect sewage sludge dryer for subsequent incineration. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to talk to HUBER experts about their experiences from first completed projects.

Mechanical wastewater treatment

As the global market leader in mechanical wastewater treatment, HUBER will of course also show the latest developments of its screening systems.

In addition to the latest version of the world-renowned HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®, which will be shown in different versions, HUBER will also exhibit the unique HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF. This innovative screen opens up completely new possibilities in the field of mechanical wastewater treatment as it features a worldwide unique U-shaped bar rack through which the wastewater flows from inside to outside.

Other exhibits include the HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax®, the HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® as well as the HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® Ro2 and the HUBER Fine Screen ROTAMAT® Ro1.

As another highlight, HUBER will present the worldwide unique HUBER Safety Vision system in live operation at IFAT. This is an innovative system of contaminant detection for screens. High-tech sensors continuously measure the form and size of the coarse material transported by the screen rake. Whenever the system detects that any critical coarse material is present, the screen will be stopped and a corresponding warning message sent to the plant operator. This reliably prevents an unintentional blockage or damage to the screen or downstream units. Furthermore, the system is able to record in real time the amount of screenings separated and discharged.

HUBER also offers comprehensive solutions for screenings treatment. The centrepiece is the HUBER Wash Press WAP®, which has proven itself in thousands of installations and will be shown in various versions at IFAT. The innovative WAP® wear detection system is now an integral part of all HUBER Wash Presses and enables reliable wear monitoring. Unplanned and expensive machine downtime can thus be replaced by planned maintenance.

As a specialist for solid-liquid separation, HUBER has also been dealing with grit separation and grit treatment for decades. Interested visitors can learn about different types of grit traps as well as machines and processes for further grit treatment.

The change from aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilisation plays a decisive role on the way to an energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment plant. With the HUBER CarbonWin® process, HUBER offers an interesting option for this conversion. The centrepiece of the process is the HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID, which is used here as a replacement for a primary clarifier.

Industrial wastewater treatment

In another focus area, HUBER shows the public its experience and expertise as a full-range supplier for industrial wastewater treatment. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, HUBER offers industrial customers full “360° support” for wastewater, residues and heat.

Heating and cooling with wastewater

The utilisation of wastewater as a regenerative energy source has been a topic for HUBER for many years and numerous projects have been carried out worldwide using the HUBER ThermWin process.

The utilisation of wastewater in the sewage system for heating and cooling of buildings is an interesting solution on the way to climate neutrality. The centrepiece is the HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin, which will be presented as an exhibit at IFAT.

NEW – containerised plants and rental machines

In addition to permanent installations in buildings, HUBER now also offers solutions in containerised design as permanent installations or for rental for temporary operation, bridging or simply for quick and flexible use in case of bottlenecks. Such containerised or rental plants are either equipped with HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation HDF for preliminary or secondary treatment of wastewater, with a HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® for sludge dewatering or with HUBER screening technology. At IFAT, a ready-to-operate HUBER containerised sludge dewatering plant will be on display as a plug & play solution. Equipped with the complete technology, the plant is mobile and ready for immediate use, for temporary rental or permanent operation.

Safe Access Solutions – safety for water, people and objects

Various exhibits from the product range of manhole covers, doors and air filter systems illustrate the different application possibilities of HUBER products for solutions in the field of
- Burglar resistance / security of infrastructure
- Flood protection / flood control
- Hygiene in drinking water reservoirs

Full HUBER Service

A comprehensive and globally available after-sales service has long been an indispensable part of HUBER's service portfolio. IFAT 2024 offers all operators of HUBER machines an excellent opportunity to find out about the extensive service product portfolio, from installation and commissioning to spare parts delivery, repair and preventive maintenance. The new HUBER online shop for spare parts is sure to attract great interest. Registered customers of HUBER machines can quickly find the right spare parts for their machine and order them immediately.

Interesting Excursions

In addition, this year we are once again offering interesting excursions to sites equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Take advantage of the free opportunity to view innovative solutions. Here you will find an overview of the excursions taking place at IFAT with registration details.

Save the date: IFAT 2024 in Munich from May 13 - 17


IFAT 2024 offers you the chance to take a close look at numerous HUBER products, solutions, applications and innovations. Over 50 products await you on over 1,300 m² of stand space. Our technical specialists look forward to interesting questions and stimulating discussions.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are always open to your enquiries and want to offer you the best possible support for your projects.

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