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HUBER expands activities in the field of water extraction: clean water through innovative system solutions for seawater and river water extraction

In many respects, water is an indispensable basis of life for humans and nature, because without water there is no life and no economic progress. However, increasing population density as well as developments in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors pose ever greater challenges for a secure water supply.
Increasingly, seawater and river water are being extracted to meet the growing demand.

Water extraction from surface waters: removal of pollutants by mechanical purification gaining in importance

Due to the increasing extraction of water from surface waters and the simultaneously rising level of pollution of these waters, the removal of pollutants by means of mechanical cleaning with the use of screens and coarse and fine screening machines is becoming more and more important.

As the first treatment stage, mechanical screening determines the efficiency of the subsequent process steps as well as the economy and safety of the overall plant during operation.

HUBER has successfully completed several water intake projects

HUBER has been facing this challenge for several years. Building on decades of experience in municipal and industrial solid/liquid separation in the wastewater sector, HUBER has already implemented several projects of water extraction for industrial customers.

Examples include companies from the paper and chemical industries that require water for steam generation and other production processes, as well as plants for drinking water production or the provision of cooling and process water for thermal power plants.

Newly created Water Intake unit: HUBER expands activities in the field of water extraction

Based on these positive experiences, HUBER is expanding its activities in the field of water extraction and bundling its expertise with the newly created Water Intake unit. The focus is on the worldwide distribution of the wide range of innovative products and services for water extraction and on supporting customers in finding the right solutions for their specific requirements.

To ensure optimum results and smooth plant operation in the long term, HUBER always considers both technical aspects and the optimisation of investment and operating costs as well as sustainability issues in equal measure when developing solution concepts.

In addition to design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, our service portfolio also comprises the complete after-sales service, including the supply of spare parts and system maintenance. The main areas of application are new plants and the modernisation of existing plants in areas such as:

  • Thermal power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Drinking water plants
  • Irrigation canals
  • Plants for desalination of sea water
Impressive size: HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® in Bozhou (China).
Impressive size: HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® in Bozhou (China).
Installation of a HUBER RakeMax® screen in Schongau for water intake at a paper factory
Installation of a HUBER RakeMax® screen in Schongau for water intake at a paper factory


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